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Darragh Farrell
Centre for the Study of Wider Europe, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland


Abstract: In recent times, the international organisations that have overseen the political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since the Dayton Agreement have increased their calls for the country’s leaders to assume domestic responsibility and act with political ‘maturity’ in tackling the issues faced by BiH as it seeks to join the European Union. However, the international community continues to exercise substantial power and influence over the country and, because of this, may inhibit the ability of BiH’s leaders to effectively run the country and act with political responsibility. This rareg examines the relationship between the BiH political elite and the international community and attempts to discern the affects of this relationship on the overall political health of the country, discussing whether a substantial reduction in the authority of the international community would assist the political development of BiH.

Keu words: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Domestic Responsibility, International Community, Reforms, Political Development, Political Participation.

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Farrell, D. (2008). Discouraging Responsibility in Bosnia & Herzegovina: The Continuing Role of the International Community. Herald, 12, 5‒21.