UDC: 911:681.518

Mladen Radivojević


Abstract: The Geographic Information System presents the most integrated system of information about the area and the contents which fill up that area. It is based on the integrated data system, about the area with using both of the latest technique and the Computer technology. Punctuality of information which are in the GIS, is one of the fundamentaly principles for the development of this discipline. Because of the Statistical Institute of Republika Srpska some data exist (Register of munice polities and settlements, Register of organizational units, …) they should be built in the GIS, on the good way, together with other data.
Key words: GIS, basic principles, informational integration, legal regulation.

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Radivojević, M. (1998). Kako ubrzati postupak razvoja GIS-a upotrebom statističkih podataka ‒ stanje i mogućnosti unapređenja prakse. Herald, 3, 39‒56.