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UDC: 556.513

Radislav Tošić and Čedomir Crnogorac
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Banja Luka


Abstract: The karst morphology of the river basin of Mala Ukrina is characterised, apart from superficial and ground karst forms, by karst hydrography, which gives to this area a specific hydrological mark. In this part of the basin, as a hydrological peculiority of limestone plain, we can single out the lost river “Puljića potok”, which is the water most lost river in the south rim of the Panonion basin of the Republic of Srpska that has been discovered so far.
Keu words: basin, the lost river, ground circulation, blind valley, karst depression.

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Tošić, R., & Crnogorac, Č. (2007). The Lost River „Puljića Potok“ in the River Basin of Mala Ukrina. Herald, 11, 58‒65.